domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Now you have read the story, you´ve written your essays and I would like you to share your points of view  by posting your comments on the blog.

"How would a human being's life change if we lived from being elderly to being babies?

I hope you enjoy the experience of reading your classmates' opinions

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  1. I find provocative the story ´The Curious Case of Benjamin Button´. In my opinion, the author deals with a lot of uncomfortable subjects in this work: the parent´s failed expectations regarding their children, the necessity of the public approval and the difficulty of being a social misfit, the differences between men´s stages of life and women´s, the powerful people (like the colonel) who abuse of their position to take advantage of other people, the human´s being´s dependency in their childhood and old age, the odd people´s genius…
    Of course, he talks about all of them through a very unusual way: the life of a man who lives from being elderly to being a baby.

  2. In my opinion, childhood and old age are similar because human beings are very dependent in these phases of their life. As a result, I think that if we lived from being elderly to being babies, our existence would not change too much in these two stages.
    I believe that if we aged in reverse, in our youth when we are physically stronger and healthier we would be able to take advantage of the knowledge and experiences acquired during the rest of our life.
    In my view, if we were born as an elderly person, we wouldn´t be able to look after our children for a long time since we would have them in the last half of our life.
    My feeling is that if time passed in the opposite direction, it would be harder to study at the beginning of our life because our capacity for doing it would be smaller.
    However, if everybody aged in reverse, we would not be a social misfit unlike Benjamin Button was and we would save many of his troubles.

    Ageing in reverse

    In my opinion, a human´s life wouldn´t be so different in reverse, being born old and dying as a baby. However, I think that if we were born being elderly, we would have advantages and disadvantages.

    On the one hand, an advantage would be that if we were born elderly, we would be able to speak and understand our families. Another advantage would be if we studied, we would do it in the first years of our lives when we were still elderly. If we worked, we would do it in the best years of our lives because every day we would be growing younger and more energetic. Ultimately, in the last years of our lives, we would enjoy the innocence of being a child before dying.

    On the other hand, the disadvantages would be that when we became a child or a baby, we would realize that we had lost our ability to speak and understand people. Eventually, we would lose our sight gradually just like Benjamin Button in his last years.

    In life the pattern changed, for me it wouldn´t seen so different, because of the two parts, at the beginning and at the end of our lives, we would still need someone to take care of us.

    Andrea Fernández

  4. I had never thought about this situation until I read this book, but after reading "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" some thoughts came to my mind.
    First of all, I would find it strange if I were born as an old person to, after many years, become a baby.
    On the other hand, the situation of Benjamin Button has advantages because if you were born like Benjamin, years later, your physical condition would be much better. You would not have to use the cane, grey hair and wrinkles would disappear and you would be faster than at the beginning.
    However, one drawback of this situation is that over time you would lose all your knowledge.
    Apart from this, if it happened as well as to Benjamin, you could not do most of the things you used to do before, for example, driving a car.
    If I had to choose, I would like to live the way we live. I wouldn´t want to forget everything I know.

    Ana Isabel García Méndez

    According to Benjamin Button's life, their mother might have lost her voice or her
    mind, because she doesn't appear in the story, nothing strange after such a birth. They would
    have no friends, their partner and children would repproach them for being different as if
    they could decide what or how they were, as if their nature was an outrageous decission.
    They would be alone. They would have to dress up to pay the prize for being diferent. But,
    in any case, society can be very rough with those who are different so we try to fit ourselves
    into what we are expected to be.
    On the other hand, I am forty-three, I've lost strength, youth and beauty. I've lost
    relatives and friends, I've lost illusions. What if I could recover some of those things but
    with the knowledge and the money I ow now?At the end, no suffering, no illness, no
    memories, from the deep and sweet sleep of the babies to the eternal dream.
    Perhaps it's not a bad business, but let me talk with my lawyer Fausto before I sign
    the contract

    Rosa Calvo

  6. We have a perfect example, of how a human being´s life would change if we lived from being elderly to being babies, in this story of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

    If I had been born seventy years old, I wouldn´t have endured the rejections of people, like Benjamin did. Because my personality is very different, I would be regretting all the time.
    He was born at an elderly age and his father didn´t accept him at first. His father tried to hide the appearance of his “old baby”, yet Benjamin didn´t seem to worry and he continued to do what was right for the age that he looked each day.

    I really admire his eagerness to continue his strange life. If I were him, I couldn´t continue with this nonsense.
    He became younger over the years. At first he got along with his grandfather, then he started to get along with his father and so on, until he went to kindergarten with his own grandson.
    He got married at eighteen years old, but he looked fifty years old. He started University at fifty-seven, when he looked about twenty-three years old.

    In my opinion, I believe all his life was nonsense, as I can´t imagine living life backwards. First getting married, then going to University and finally spending the rest of his days in a crib, but through this story I have reached a conclusion: If you fight against setbacks, you will overcome the obstacles in life.
    We shouldn´t give into adversity!