viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

Mini Saga competition

 Number 1

 One couple travelled to Mexico to spend their honeymoon. In the hotel room Tom opened his suitcase. Immediately he started to feel bad…the suitcase was full of drug. Unfortunately, he’d caught another suitcase at the airport. Five minutes later, the suitcase was burning on the beach. …Mexico, never again.

 Number 2

 Summer in Madrid. He is hidden in the trunk of the car. At least 50 degrees and she is not going to rescue him. "I'm dying, of dehydration..? Maybe without oxygen?" he told himself and then thought: What a beautiful surprise when she opens the trunk and I'll be dead!

 Number 3

 I fell in love when I was 15, when everything is so innocent, when you feel the first kiss, when everything is pink…I went to the park with my friends and one of them came with her older brother. That day was the first of our ten years together.

 Number 4

 She went to the seaside to spend a week with her friend. In the hotel, she met a group of boys and girls and they went out every day. She liked a funny and cheerful boy. She had a good week with him and he became her present boyfriend.

 Number 5

 Yesterday George and his friends were really bored. They decided to climb to the trees and steal some apples; it would be uproarious. Unfortunately, George fell and he was hit hard. His mother called emergency straight away. Today he’s fine, but he swears that they will never do it again.

 Number 6

 John was very afraid of dogs and his brother Paul was always laughing at him. One day Paul took his friend’s dog and carried it home to scare John. When they arrived home, even though John had seen the dog, the animal bit Paul’s hand. “Revenge is sweet”, John thought.

 Number 7

 Her neighbour’s parrot used to wake her up every morning; the parrot specially sang “La Macarena” and her anger rose increasingly. She discovered parrots are eaten fiercely by tigers, so she played the roar of a starving tiger few minutes every morning and… Luckily the parrot kept quiet for ever

 Number 8

 I was walking calmly in Oviedo when suddenly I saw a wonderful dress in a shop across the street. Without thinking, I crossed the road, but not realizing the light was red. A car hit me. Fortunately, it was only a shock, but I’ll never cross the street without looking.

 Number 9

 He was a young footballer who wanted to be a professional. He trained hard in his local club. Finally, an important club signed him. Unfortunately, he didn’t play many matches. The club sold him to the main rival club. Playing for this club he became the player of the year.

 Number 10

 He was driving so fast in his Porche that the radar caught him speeding on the motorway. The police stopped and arrested him immediately. He’d exceeded the limit in 150 km/h. Unfortunately, he had to pay a huge fine and spent two months in prison. He said to himself: “Never again”.

 Number 11

 I’d forgotten my sunglasses in a restaurant where I went. I returned, but the owner told me she hadn’t seen them. Fortunately, the waitress said her boss was using them. I went for dinner with some friends. We didn’t pay because I had to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

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