miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

Beginning or End

This is the answer to our speculations. Were you right?

The city is quiet at this time of year .The dead, though, have their voice. The air through which I move is murmurous with absences. I shall soon be one of them. Good. Why should I have life and she have none?  She.  She.”         

 John Banville

The end of   Shroud 

“ Charlie climbed on to the bed and tried to calm the three old people who were still petrified with fear. “Please don’t

be frightened”, he said. “It’s quite safe. And we’re going to the most wonderful place in the world!” “ Charlie’s right,” said Grandpa Joe. “Will there be anything to eat when we get there?” asked Grandma Josephine. I’m starving! The whole family is starving!” “Anything to eat ?” cried Charlie laughing. “Oh, you just wait and see!”

Roal Dahl
The end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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