miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017

Risk Seekers

The dental nurse who became an alligator catcher

Listen to the radio interview with Christy Kroboth and answer the following questions:

1.- Why did Christy decide to  become an alligator catcher?
2.- Why did other catchers use to kill the alligators?
3.- Can anybody catch an alligator? Why?
4.- What did she have to do?
5.- What did she do in order to get it?
6.- How did they catch the alligators?
7.- Had she done it before?
8.- In the beginning she wanted to give up, why did she continue with the training?
9.- How do you tape an alligator up?
10.Is it risky?
11.Was it her job from the moment she got the licence?
12.Do people trust her?
13.What does she do with the alligator once she has caught it?
14.Where are the alligators taken after being caught?

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