viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

Rocío Fernández González, 1st Advanced

This is the story of Lyuda, a Russian orphan girl. Lyuda was very happy because of the fact that the next day she would come to Spain. She didn´t have to prepare the suitcase because she had nothing to put in it. She lived with a poor family in Moscow. When she came to the house where she would spend the summer, she realized that the house´s girl had new toys, new dolls and so. Then, she asked the other girl who had bought her new gifts. The girl named Clara asked Lyuda if in her country they didn´t celebrate the Christmas. Lyuda answered that in Russia they only celebrated the New Year and she explained Clara that the family with whom she lived with didn´t money to buy gifts. Clara told Lyuda that here in Spain we to celebrate Christmas. What Lyuda found most interesting was the arrival of the Three Wise Men. That night, she was dreaming all the time of them. When the next night Lyuda was in bed she looked at the stars and she thought: “I wish there were kings in Russia”. When the girls woke up, they could see that the bedroom was full of gifts. In one of them it had a note that said: “Hello Lyuda, When Clara wrote her letter to us she asked for some gifts for you. As you are never here in January, today we have come from Far East to bring your gifts. You have to choose one of them and you have to give it to Clara.”

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