viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

Clara González Delgado, 2nd Intermediate

It was 24th December Danny is a son from a poor family, he’s cheerful, funny and he likes Christmas because they are days to dream. Danny and his friends had written theirs letters to Santa Claus. He and his family enjoyed the dinner like any other day, suddenly Danny thought Santa Claus and he decided to go to bed. The next morning Danny got up early and went to the dining room, but his Christmas stocking was empty. On the street other children played with the new toys, Danny was unhappy. His father told him that the country was sding through a crisis but he didn’t understand why Santa didn’t give a little gift to him, so Danny decided to write a new letter: Dear Santa, I’ m writing to express my unhappiness with my Christmas present: I felt really disappointed when I did not find my present in my Christmas stocking. I know we are going through a global financial crisis but Y behaved really well last year. As you can imagine, I am extremely upset so I insist on receiving a really superb present or I shall be forced to misbehave myself this year. Yours sincerely Danny. It’s a pity that it all ended so soon. Danny hope that next year will be even better.

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