viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

Charles Dickens times

Con todo el dolor de mi corazón y para alegría de algunos rezagados, lamento comunicaros que, en una maniobra un tanto descuidada por mi parte he eliminado de nuestro blog la entrada de los ejercicios sobre Charles Dickens .No los busquéis desesperadamente porque, de acuerdo a voces expertas, que no es la mía, tan valioso artículo es irrecuperable.
Thank you very much for  your contributions to those who posted their comments. Here you are the questions, you can answer them and post them, anyway .


1.-Where was Charles Dickens born ?
2.-What is there in that city that you can relate to Spain?
3.-What was Dikens's first job as a freelance?
4.-Where was he buried?
5.-In which period did Queen Victoria rule Britain?
6.-What's the relatioship between queen victoria and the presen queen, Elizabeth II?
7.-How came that Elizabeth II became queen? 

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    1- Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England.
    2- There is a sea transport which connect Portsmouth and Santander
    3- He became a free-lance reporter at Doctor's Commons Courts.
    4- He was buried in Poets’ Corner (Westminster Abbey, London).
    5- Queen Victoria ruled in this period: 1837-1901 (since she was sixteen until she died).
    6- Queen Victoria was Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother.
    7- Queen Elizabeth was the king’s niece. The king abdicated due to his wish of get married with a divorced woman. Consequently his brother became king and his niece Elizabeth was the heiress of the throne because the king had only two daughters. When his father died, she became queen.

  2. 1- Porstmouth
    2- Santander
    3- At Doctor´s Commons Courts
    4- At poet´s Corner.
    5- 1837-1901
    6- Great-grandmother
    7- When his father died.