viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Tom White

After filling in the gaps, post a comment explaining the reason for the confusion about Oliver's name .

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  1. The magistrate, Mr. Fang, asked Olive what was his name. Oliver tried to reply, but his tongue failed him. He was deadly pale; and the whole place seemed turning round and round.
    "Officer, what's his name?" demanded Mr.Fang, like Oliver couldn´t anwered, The officer said that his name was Tom White.
    See you Monday.

  2. When Mr. Fang asked Oliver about his name, he had no strength to answer, so the officer invented a name for him in order not to anger the police magistrate.

  3. When the magistrate asked Oliver what was his name, he was so confused and frightened that he couldn´t answer the question. The officer did it for him.

  4. At the police station, the magistrate asked Oliver about his name. This one was ill and terrified, so he couldn´t answer him. The officer felt sorry for Oliver and made up a name for him to avoid annoying the cruel and unkind magistrate: it was "Tom White". Mr. Brownlow heard it and thought that it was the real Oliver´s name.

  5. Zaira del Couz Peláez

    Tom White is the name who the officer was invented to Oliver, as when the judge, Mr. Fagin asked Oliver what his name was, he couldn´t say a word.

    1. Thank you Zaira for your contribution to the blog.

  6. Oliver was very terrified and ill when he was taken to the police station. The magistrate,Mr. Fang, was wellknown because of his cruelty. The officer asked Oliver what his name was, but Oliver couldn't speak... so the man invented the name,so that the magistrate didn't get angry with teh poor boy. Because of that, Brownlow believed his name was Oliver White

  7. The officer invented the name of Tom White to Oliver. When the officer asked to Oliver what was his name, he didn't answer because he was terrified and the officer invented his name to say to the magistrate some name. Then Mr. Brownlow believed Oliver's name was Tom White but Oliver clarified that it wasn't so.