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Animal Farm

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  1. Animal farm was a very successful novel written by George Orwell in 1945. It was translated into many languages and a film was even made.
    About the plot, it can be said that this novel is about the daily life in a farm where the animals cannot stand the routine because of their owner. This is the reason why they decide to make a rebellion and throw the human race out of the farm. The pigs are the leaders, new commandments are written and overwork ends.
    The days and even the months pass in a correct way but some problems between the leaders take place and this is the beginning of the animals suffering. The main commandments such as “all the animals are equal” start to change and Animal Farm turn into a dictatorship.
    Corruption increases more and more: the pigs live in the house and wear human clothes, they smoke and eat or drink “forbidden” products, they keep in touch with the humans…
    Devastated by the fact that their life is worse at the time than it used to be the rebellion, the animals look at themselves unhappily.
    This novel speaks ironically about the political system. The animals represent some well-known people such as Lenin, Marx or Stalin and criticize their behavior.
    Animal Farm is able to express clearly that message and the children can understand it even although they don’t know anything about politics. For me, that is the greatness of this novel that everybody should read.


    A novel by George Orwell. It was published in England in 1946. It is one or his most famous works for his way of telling a political situation of a country.
    This novel is about a farm, “Manor Farm”, which is managed by Mr Jones. He worked very hard the first years, but then he began to drink heavily. The animals, are encouraged by an old pig called Old Major, to take the farm´s power. Old Mayor is a majestic-looking pig. Pigs appear to be the cleverest animals in the farm. We have to highlight three or them: Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer. Snowball is a lively pig, who is turned out of the farm. Napoleon is a large black boar, it becomes the farm´s leader. Squealer is a fat little pig, it is the most persuasive and it is able to convince the animal to do anything. The pigs take advantage of the rest of the animals and they don´t carry out the seven commandments, which have been established between them. Consequently the pigs at the end behave like humans, even worse.
    This book is a parody of how humans behave when they have the power. It makes us think about how selfish we are when we get the power.
    When you read the book you realize that although the author referred to a political problem in a particular country (Russia), this situation unfortunately existed in many others countries and it still exists.


  3. Animal Farm is an allegorical novel by George Orwell. It was published in England on 17 August 1945. It's about a group of animals on a England’s farm that expel humans and create a system of self-government that ends up becoming a brutal tyranny. It is a simple analysis while formidable power breeds corruption. Time magazine chose the book as one of the 100 best English-language novels (1923 to 2005).
    The animals of Manor Farm, encouraged by an old "Mayor pig" that before he died he told them his vision, carried out a revolution in getting to expel Mr. Jones and create their own rules (the seven Commandments). At first, the farm which is now called Animal Farm, is more prosperous even than when Mr. Jones managed it. However, with the passage of time, the pigs were self-appointed leaders for their intelligence, they begin to abuse their power and manipulate the commandments in their favour.
    Two of these pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, are shown as leaders, but begin to show differences. Napoleon is the main villain of Animal Farm and Snowball is Napoleon's rival and original head of the farm after Jones' overthrow. That's when the revolution falters.
    Today, it could be a criticism of any political party belonging to any country. It shows a little more of ourselves and shows us, once again, how much power degrades.
    I think it's an interesting critic on political regimes and dictatorships that exist worldwide. The way that Orwell masks their opinion and the use of characters as familiar as a animal farm, makes this novel a special book and I recommend it for all ages.

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    Animal Farm was written by George Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair. Although he was born in 1903 in India he came to England when he was a child.George married Eileen O'Shaughessy in 1936 and in 1949 he married Sonia Brownwell.
    Animal Farm is a story about animals at first but in the end it is a story based on the Russian revolution and Joseph Stalin's use of power.
    There are some animals in the book which represent a public figure or a particular type of person in real life:the pigs, which can read and write and organise the other animals ,are the Bolshevik intellectuals, Napoleon (a pig) is Stalin and Snowball (another pig) is Trotsky.Boxer is an old horse which represents the working classes.
    At the beginning of the book a group of animals want a better life where all animals are equal without the men's power.They wrote seven commandments which they had to follow.The most important commandment is that "all animals are equal" but a pig took control of the farm and disobeyed the most important commandment and some more so not all animals are equal in the end.
    I like the way in which the power is shown through animals which represent figures in real life.
    It is an entertaining and an easy-going book which I would recommend,good reading¡.

  5. Animal farm is a novel written in 1945 by English writer George Orwell. It is an allegorical novel about power and political class and it’s set in an old farm, called Manor Farm, in the 1940’s in England.

    The story begins when Old Major, the oldest board of the Manor Farm, tells the other animals that a revolution was necessary against the human being, who he considered a parasite and a common enemy for all animals. Old Major dies before the revolution and at that moment two young pigs called Snowball and Napoleon, whose are the most important characters in the story, take the leadership and make a revolution which ends when the animals throw Mr. Jones, who was the owner of the farm. At that moment Snowball and Napoleon establish a state of freedom and equality between the animals, but what at first was a dream come true, step by step becomes a nightmare for almost all the farm animals, except the pigs, of course.

    The great strength of this book, and the main reason why it is a literature classic, is the way which the writer uses to personify animals and how he makes a comparison between human and animal behaviour. Orwell makes a fierce critic of the political system and more specifically he criticizes the system of government of the ancient Soviet Union and even, it is believed that the main characters of the story were based on real politicians, for example as Stalin or Lenin.

    In conclusion, I think that this book is a good way to know how power can corrupt the human being and his mind in a sickly way. I definitely recommend it because It's a thought-provoking book which raised many interesting questions about our society.