viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2014

Merry Cristmas to you all!!!

Muchas gracias a todos por vuestra colaboración y vuestra participación en las distintas actividades que os proponemos, y por supuesto, por vuestra presencia. Nada de esto sería posible sin vosotros.
Comparto  algún instante del día de ayer que, como ya lleva sucediendo en los últimos 12 años (y no son pocos)
celebramos el concurso gastronómico, con unos niveles increíbles, y con esta actividad damos por finalizado el primer trimestre.

El concurso nos apasiona por el alma que ponéis en él y por eso seguimos celebrándolo año tras año, pero digamos que es una excusa para juntarnos, relacionarnos y compartir , y no penséis que no se come todo. Vosotros vais pasando, pero el centro está abierto hasta las 21:30 (y si tiene que ser más, pues más), y a esas horas no hay paladar que se resista.
Gracias a todos y ¡Feliz Navidad!


Also read the Christamas Stories chosen as winners for 2nd A Intermediate and 1st A Advanced

by Amalia González López

Christmas Eve was coming and there was a great commotion in Santa’s workshop.
Some elves seemed worried, others looked sad and most of them expected impatiently the arrival of their boss.
Two hours later, Santa Claus met them in a pretty room decorated with mistletoe and spruce branches. All the furniture was in red and green. All of them sat down around a big table while Santa’s wife was serving hot chocolate and biscuits.
“Dear elves”, Santa said. I’m affraid that I haven’t got a good news”
The elves looked at each other.
“The children today don’t want toys, they prefer electronic gadgets like mobile phones, i-phones , tablets and things like this. Unfortunately the Japanese make those articles chiper tan us. The more they work, the less we work. For this reason I wont need all workers”.
The elves stayed in silence until one of them, a redheaded fat elf named Tuki stood up and said, “Don’t worry Santa, some of us were thinking that this could happen and we have learned to make christmas sweets, to sell them and then, extend the business”

So it was, the elves opened a big sweet shop in the North Pole which was a huge success. A GOOD SOLUTION TO A CRISIS!


It was Christmas time again. It was cold and snowing as usual at that time. The streets shone with lights and Christmas decorations. People ran from one side to other, some of them cheerful and other stressed, finalizing their last Christmas shopping to the rhythm of catchy carols coming from a loudspeaker. Children stuck their noses and fingertips in the toy shop window with their eyes wide open. Sitting on a bench in the town square, three elderly men looked closely at all around.
Lila stood facing the window shop staring at the doll of her dreams, yet she knew that she could never have it because her family was very poor. Then, she set off towards the huge Christmas tree placed in the middle of the square and looked up hopefully to the dazzling star. Suddenly, one of the three old men told her that whoever looked at the star had the opportunity to make three wishes. She hesitated for a moment and then she asked as first wish for health for her grandparents who were very ill. As second wish she begged for a job for her parents and when she was going to make her third wish, the eldest man advised her to think about it carefully. The little girl looked again the star and with her eyes closed she made her last wish. She wanted that all children in the world could have a present for Christmas.
The following day, Lila woke up very early in the morning and ran downstairs to the living room. She gaped at the small Christmas tree when she saw under it her well-loved doll. Then, she got close to the window and saw a large shooting star in the sky. She thanked it and grinned from ear to ear.

Mª Teresa Pérez López
1st Advanced Level

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