martes, 16 de diciembre de 2014

Mini Sagas

With only a few words we can write a whole story. Read the ones we've written and vote for your favourite by posting a comment. Here is the beginning and you have to add just thirteen words.

 1 She’d given him an incorrect address. Now he was chatting with another girl.

 2 Meanwhile he remained bedridden in hospital after suffering a serious accident, remembering nothing.

 3 He lost his phone; he expected hopefully the message, but that never happened.

 4 In an appliances store she watched stunning pictures of plane crash. He’d died.

 5 After checking mail for many days, she found it in the Inbox Spam.

 6 Hurt, she sent: “forget me, I’ve got married”. Appalled, she read: “Full bin”.

 7 She might have given him wrong address.

 8 In the end she returned to the beach to meet a new friend.

 9 One day she went mad and took a plane just to see him.

 10 She couldn´t understand anything until one day she received a special phone call.

 11 Her heart was bleeding. She was heartbroken. She wouldn’t trust a man anymore.

 12 She was walking when she saw him with another woman. She was disappointed.

 13 One day she went mad and took a plane just to see him.

 14 One day, she received an email saying that he died in an accident.

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