domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

What Christmas Meant for You, Miriam Suárez, 2nd Intermediate

Days before Christmas, on the outskirts of New York three little girls had met searching carefully in the rubbish for something to eat. They started talking about what Christmas meant for them. - For me, Christmas means many delicious desserts, cookies, cakes, vegetables, ice-cream, roast beef, chicken….yummmm… - Stephanie said-. - Oh no! – answered Melanie – For me, Christmas means gifts, many gifts… can you imagine? Many toys, new clothes to dress and protect us from the cold, great books to read fantastic stories and many other beautiful things. And while their imagination flew away, Marie, who had said nothing, she looked thoughtful but she finally told her friends: - For me, Christmas is the love of our families and friends, the day after, wake up and see that your family is at home with you. Running and playing because you feel healthy so you want to spend your time with your relatives and friends. In conclusion, little is much but having a family and good friends is the most important. After expressing her thought, the girls understood that they didn’t have less than other people and they felt very proud of knowing that Christmas is something that you must take in your heart and you can live every day.

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